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Water Damage Cleanup in White Settlement, Texas

Water damage occurred in this home while the owners were away on vacation, and 6 rooms were affected. The ceiling of the garage had gotten so wet that it even f... READ MORE

Restoring Hardwood Floors in Fort Worth, Texas

SERVPRO® always tries to restore buildings and materials rather than replace them whenever possible. This mentality helps save money and priceless keepsakes... READ MORE

Wooden Floor Saved from Water Damage

Our policy of "restore don't replace" is designed to help save money. Sometimes when wooden floors get wet, like this one has, it can be difficult to save them,... READ MORE

Huge Mess in Tarrant County Home

The floor of this house was covered in so much garbage that you couldn't see the floor, and rats had even moved into the closets and cupboards. It comes as no s... READ MORE

Flooded Hallway in Fort Worth, Texas

When disaster strikes, we are always "Here to help." A burst pipe in this building caused water to flood this entire hallway! We responded immediately to the ca... READ MORE

Water Damage in Lake Worth, Texas

Nobody likes dealing with water damage, and the problem can be even harder to deal with if the damage is in your office. SERVPRO® of Lake Worth/Benbrook kno... READ MORE

Water Damage

This was a home that had a leak in the AC unit located in the attic, which resulted in water damage that affected the master bedroom, master bathroom, and close... READ MORE

Water Damage

This was a set of commercial offices that had their building flood when the toilet line broke in a vacant space next door. Since it was a weekend, the water wen... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Mold in bathrooms is a really common problem! It can happen to even the nicest of homes. You could pull away a hamper do the laundry, and there could be mold gr... READ MORE

Mold Remediation

Mold can grow anywhere it’s got moisture, darkness, and the right humidity. Which makes bathrooms the perfect place for it to grow. This here was a home t... READ MORE